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Optimal Car Parts for Your Honda

Vehicles from many brands, particularly Hondas, are packed to the brim with technological and engineering innovations, which collectively enable for a smoother and more efficient drive. An added bonus? These top-of-the-line hatchbacks, sedans, trucks, and SUVs require minimal maintenance, so you can stay on the road with peace of mind and enjoy your travels.

Your Honda will always perform at its best, however, when you follow your dedicated Owner’s Manual, which lets you know when each part needs to be serviced. When it comes to such parts and subsequent services, choose the best from the most experienced providers.

That’s where we come in. Our technicians at Barrhaven Honda have years of certified Honda training and real-world servicing experience, making us the optimal choice when it comes to diagnosing problems, performing repairs or replacements, and keeping your vehicle running smoothly. The genuine Honda parts we use are designed to fit your car to ensure optimal performance efficiency. Our dealership warehouse has everything used inside Honda vehicles to make them run properly, from fluids to tires and so much more. If we don’t have a particular item at any given time, contact us and we’ll order it in!

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Shop Genuine Honda Accessories

Don’t buy aftermarket parts that won’t suit your car. Count on authorized, purpose-built OEM parts and components here at Barrhaven Honda instead. Not only can our Parts Advisors point you in the direction of the best solutions and even upgrades for your vehicle, but our technicians are trained to install them with precision and care.

Looking for accessories like mud flaps and rubber floor mats? Our Parts Department carries all kinds of add-ons so you can retrofit your car to your needs. Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your next trip, and feel safe knowing you’re protected by Honda’s famous warranty!

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Our Tire Centre

You’ll find that Barrhaven Honda has tires and wheels for every season, at competitive prices, and with a great selection for all vehicle makes and models. If you’re looking for a particular brand of truck tires and rims, then we likely have it. For example, our all-terrain Honda SUV and truck tires are built for excellent on and off-road performance. If you need new tires for the 2021-2022 winter season, come by as soon as possible to avoid inventory shortages.

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Wiper Blades

When your wiper blades are streaking and no longer clearing away rain and snow from your window, it’s time to get them replaced. Honda wiper blades perform better on your car because they’re designed to fit properly. Your dealership can help you find the right size for your vehicle. It’s also more cost-effective; instead of replacing the entire blade, you replace the rubber insert. We make this a quick, no-hassle repair as a result.

Air Filters

Choosing a Genuine Honda air filter is better for you and your car’s health. Explore our available options including the following:

cabin air filter

Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters keep the air coming through your air conditioning, heating system, and ventilation clean by removing pollutants such as dust, soot, pollen, and dirt. They help maintain the air conditioning evaporator to reduce nasty growths that could otherwise be potentially harmful to your health. The Maintenance section of your Honda Owner’s Manual specifies how often you’ll need to get your cabin air filter changed to prevent it getting clogged.

engine-air filter

Engine Air Filters

Your internal combustion engine needs oxygen as well as gasoline to start, but contaminants such as dirt and debris can cause damage. An engine air filter keeps these pollutants out of the intake manifold and cylinders so you don’t have to worry about them hurting your vehicle. You want to get these replaced often since a clogged filter leads to higher fuel consumption. Have your engine air filters checked and replaced at regular intervals as directed by your Honda Owner’s Manual.

Oils & Fluids

Honda oils and fluids are designed to meet the specifications of Honda vehicles. For top performance on the road, get your car serviced at your dealership with the following:

engine oil

Engine Oil

Engine oil prevents wear and tear in your engine by greasing exhaust valves and spaces between the bearing and crankshaft, as well as moving around the combustion chamber where fuel is burned. However, because it’s exposed to high heat and compression, it can potentially break down over time. Even before your engine oil starts running low, it can get grimy, making it less effective. That’s when damage to your engine starts. Consult your Honda Owner’s Manual or Maintenance Minder system so you know when to get your oil changed. Compatible oils, such as the Honda 0W-20 engine oil, are designed specifically for Honda engines.

transmission fluid

Transmission Fluid

Your vehicle’s gear train is called the transmission, which converts all the power from the combustion chamber into speed and torque. Automatic transmission fluids keep these fast-moving parts cool and lubricated, protecting them from wear and tear. Over time, automatic transmission fluid will diminish and needs to be replaced regularly. During routine maintenance, a Honda mechanic will check the status of your transmission fluids to see if you need it replaced.



Engines break down when their cooling systems aren’t working. That’s where engine coolant comes in. It’s designed to absorb heat and regulate it. Coolants also come with antifreeze so, on cold winter days, the fluids in your engine won’t freeze or cause damage. Engine coolant and antifreeze prevent corrosion of your engine but, as the fluid deteriorates with time, your engine becomes less protected. Take your vehicle into your Honda dealership for regular maintenance checks. Your mechanic can check to make sure the anti-corrosion properties haven’t deteriorated, change the fluids if they have, and inspect for coolant leaks.

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid, or hydraulic fluid, lies in your brake lines. When you press the brake pedal, you push against the brake fluid, which puts force on the brake rotors. Pressing against the wheels in turn, they bring you to a stop. Naturally, these are operating under high pressure. Over time, they absorb moisture from the air, which causes them to degrade. Like all fluids and oils in your car, they have to be replaced on a regular schedule. Honda recommends replacing your brake fluid every three years to avoid potential issues on the road.

Need a Hand? We’re Happy to Help!

Don’t settle for a generic part or subpar vehicle performance. With one of our genuine Honda car parts, yours will operate at its peak condition and potentially with an extended lifespan. Get in touch with us at Barrhaven Honda for more information about our inventory, or stop on by. Our customer service representatives are happy to help!