Is the Honda CR-V a Good Car for a Family?

There’s a reason why the Honda CR-V is among the best-selling cars available. It’s incredibly safe, offers an unmatched level of comfort and spaciousness, and its fuel efficiency helps you save money.


Also, the CR-V is your family’s safest option for Ottawa winter driving. The CR-V’s winter performance is unmatched by other vehicles in its class thanks to revolutionary safety features such as Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA). Keep reading to find out all the reasons why the Honda CR-V is the best choice for your next family vehicle.  

The Safest Vehicle on the Road

As we mentioned, the CR-V is your family’s safest option for driving on winter roads. The CR-V’s VSA feature gives the vehicle enhanced traction control that is designed to adapt your driving to the road you’re driving on. Slippery surfaces are easily conquered thanks to this unique adaptive feature and will certainly keep your family safe and sound. 


The CR-V is not only the safest vehicle for winter driving, but it’s also the safest vehicle for any driving. Passive features, such as Next-Generation ACE™ Body Structure, define the objective strength of the CR-V and distinguish it from any other vehicle on the road. You can rest assured that your family is safe at all times in the Honda CR-V. Additionally, the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) feature standard across all trims of the CR-V is designed to keep your family safe by keeping a consistent speed which is determined by the vehicles detected ahead of you. This advanced technology will slow, start, and even stop based on the flow of traffic. 

Redefining Comfort and Storage

The Honda CR-V gives families the space they need to embark on any road trip, sports tournament, or family adventure. The intricate design of the CR-V opens up an unbelievable amount of space without sacrificing comfort and convenience due to the expansive legroom and adjustable seats.


Whether you’re driving the kids to practice or picking them up from school, the available power tailgate with programmable height ensures that you can do everything you need comfortably. Convenience is built into the CR-V and we’re confident you’ll agree after your first voyage in this revolutionary vehicle.  

Future-Proof Fuel-Efficiency 

The fuel efficiency of the Honda CR-V is no secret at this point – everybody is familiar with the environmentally-friendly nature of this vehicle. The CR-V boasts combined fuel consumption rates of 7.8L/100km in FWD and 8.4L/100km in AWD. With the ECON drive mode standard across all CR-V models, you can squeeze the most out of every litre of fuel. 


The environmentally conscious driver will leap at the Hybrid powertrain featured in the CR-V’s Touring trim. This future-friendly vehicle dominates the roads with a combined fuel consumption rate of only 6.4L/100km! Not only are you saving money, but the environment too!

Find Your Dream CR-V at Barrhaven Honda

If you are looking for a vehicle that can safely and comfortably transport your family anywhere, look no further than the Honda CR-V. It is a reliable and affordable option that is perfect for a family.

Contact Barrhaven Honda today to secure your brand new Honda CR-V and dominate the winter roads this season safely and comfortably!