The Honda CR-V: Why Consumers Love this Ride

Honda is known for its talented, practical engineering, safety and fuel efficacy, which ranks it at the top among its segment. In fact, Honda was tagged as the best SUV brand of the year in 2018.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is spacious, versatile and reputed for its reliability. Internationally, it is loved for its cargo volume and distinct turbo engine feature. The fifth generation of Honda CR-V is one of the top-selling cars in the USA. Over the past 20 years, the popularity has increased significantly. The popularity of Honda CR-V is because of its many features, which are loved by its drivers.

Sensing Feature

A new line of sensing capabilities was added to the Honda series. The sensing line has features that are very useful for the driver while navigating the roads. For instance, it has lane departure, lane keeping, and road departure systems. All such safety features are helpful for drivers – both experienced and novice alike. Besides that, the Honda CR-V also has a monitor that is designed for blind spots, and it has a high beam auto headlight feature.


The Honda CR-V is spacious in all terms. It has a cargo space that packs a punch and can fit a lot of luggage or gear. The second row of seats is spacious enough that provide maximum comforts to the people sitting at back. Also, the driver’s seat provides enough room that even when extended, it doesn’t disturb those in the back.

The Exterior

2018 model of Honda CR-V has a sporty exterior. The front and back are designed in a way that gives this car an active look. A feature that is loved by all sports car loving consumers. The front headlights are slim and elongated, which give the car a graceful design.

Enhanced Visibility

The frontal visibility of Honda CR-V is improved with front pillars that are designed to provide the driver with outstanding range. The back-review camera offers extra assistance while parking the car in a confined space.
Powertrain Options. The added powertrain option put Honda CR-V on top of its competitors. Customers can choose the axle based on their requirement. Also, the 10 seconds auto transmission speed is the feature most admired by customers.

3 Driving Modes

The best feature of the hybrid CR-V is that it has three driving modes. It takes power from the engine and transfers it to the electric generator model, afterward to an electric model. The engine runs on fuel but gets power from the electric boot when needed. The EV driver mode is completely automatic, making it eco-friendly.
The Honda CR-V is a standout model that offers a spacious and stylish interior and sporty exterior. The aesthetic look of the Honda CR-V, along with the newly updated safety features, and the comfortable second-row seating are just a few of the features that have people flocking to their closest Honda dealership.