Our Favourite Road Navigation Apps

Our Favourite Road Navigation Apps

Google Maps has dominated the navigation app space for quite some time now. With all the built-in features including live traffic data, avoidance routes, route sharing capabilities, and much more, there are few reasons to use anything else. But today there are some pretty impressive alternatives out there that you should know about. Here are a few of our favourite road navigation apps that are worth trying out.


At first glance, Waze may seem like just another Google Maps wannabe, but it has some pretty impressive features that help it stand out from the rest. For one, Waze users can alert each other of upcoming traffic jams, road closures, accidents, and even police radar. All this information is shared in real-time, helping drivers get around faster and more efficiently. The app can also help you find the cheapest gas stations on route, saving you hundreds of dollars each year. Another reason Waze is one of our favourite road navigation apps is its ability to play music or podcasts from Apple Car play directly through the app.

Apple Maps

The days of pulling over to change your route are over. The Apple Maps app allows you to voice any and all of your commands through Siri. She’ll then guide you to your next destination as efficiently as possible, thanks to proactive suggestions that allow you to stay one step ahead. Some of the coolest features this navigation app has includes lane assist – Siri will tell you which lane is best allowing you to get where you’re going much faster. You can even make dinner reservations via OpenTable, and Siri will also record where you parked your car so you can easily find it in the lot afterwards. The most powerful features though are the 3D and Flyover model to zoom into areas to obtain panorama views of buildings and exact distances between landmarks.


If you’re big on road trips and epic weekend getaways, Roadtrippers is the only app you really need. It has a massive database of attraction information allowing users to create detailed trip itineraries with all the points of interest locked in. The app also has free travel guides for users to utilize and user reviews so you can always find the right hotel, restaurant, or the perfect lookout for those timeless photo opportunities. 

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