Why Choose a Honda Certified Used Car in Ottawa?


A Certified Used Honda is a title that is not just given to any old used Honda car, it is earned through the distinction of passing a thorough examination with rigid standards. Honda vehicles are known for their reputation of being reliable, safe, and sturdy; A Certified Used Honda is no exception to this rule. Keep reading to learn more about why a Certified Used Honda from Barrhaven Honda is your go-to option for driving around Ottawa in style.

Vehicle History Reports

Unlike a vehicle purchased from Kijiji or other classifieds, a Certified Used Honda vehicle comes with a precise and thorough CARFAX vehicle history report. A CARFAX report details any possible accident history of the used vehicle as well as all insurance claims made on it. Additionally, it will display all maintenance history, the number of previous owners, and where and when the vehicle was sold.

The advantage of buying a Certified Used Honda from Barrhaven Honda is that you’re completely protected from hidden damage and other unwanted surprises. Remember, an added CARFAX report is a benefit of buying a Certified Used Honda vehicle – you won’t find this anywhere other than a Honda dealership!

100 Point Inspection

In addition to the CARFAX report, we assign a Honda factory-trained technician to thoroughly inspect the car bumper to bumper, making note of any technical or cosmetic issues. The 100-point inspection ensures the quality of the used vehicle and is absolutely necessary for the car to be considered a Certified Used Honda.

Should any parts be damaged or in need of repair, we replace them using only Honda genuine parts to guarantee the quality of the vehicle. Not only that, but we also make sure that the servicing is up-to-date. Our goal is to give your Certified Used Honda a near-new feeling for your peace of mind.

Powertrain warranty

Still not convinced? To make the Certified Used Honda feel as new as possible, we extend the factory warranty by two years and 60,000 km, bringing it up to 7 years and 160,000 from the original service date! The warranty guarantees that your powertrain will be free from defects and no deductible is needed should you require powertrain service.

We also offer a no-hassle return policy up to 7 day/1,000 km (whichever is first) in addition to the powertrain warranty. This is for anyone who might have second thoughts about their Certified Used Honda. While we’re happy to offer this policy, we don’t think you’ll need it!

Buy Your Certified Used Honda With Barrhaven Honda

A Certified Used Honda is the closest thing to a new car. With the warranty extension, 100-point inspection, CARFAX report, and no-hassle return policy, you are truly getting a premium, unique service that offers an outstanding used Honda vehicle for an unbelievable price!

Contact us at Barrhaven Honda to test drive a Certified Used Honda. We’re always happy to show you our lineup of Certified Used Honda Civics, Honda CR-Vs, Honda Pilots and more. See them for yourself at 530 Dealership Drive Ottawa, ON.