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Fall is here and with it comes the resumption of an overwhelming amount of activities and commitments. The kids are back in school, work commutes feel even longer, and early-morning hockey practic...Read More

  There’s always going to be a new car that features a modern look, new features and that coveted new car smell. But when it really comes down to it, a lot of people prefer buying used. Whe...Read More

  Buying used instead of new is a great option for people working within a budget and looking for that new car feeling, without paying the new car price. When you purchase a Honda Certified V...Read More

  A Certified Used Honda is a title that is not just given to any old used Honda car, it is earned through the distinction of passing a thorough examination with rigid standards. Honda vehicl...Read More

When most people hear the word “truck” they think of gas-guzzling behemoths that are too big, lack style, and have inadequate interior comfort. However, not every truck fits that description. ...Read More

Hatchbacks or sedans? Which do you prefer? The debate between these two vehicle types has been going on for a very long time. Everyone has their own bias regarding what the ideal body for a car sh...Read More

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