6 Tips to Get Your Honda Through Winter

With Winter just around the corner, you’re likely thinking of ways you can prepare your Honda for Ottawa’s most jarring season.

Despite the harsh reality of winter in Ottawa, there are ways to prevent the worst problems from happening. Dead batteries and broken windshield wipers can easily be a thing of the past by following the points in this blog.

You can get your Honda through winter by following these simple winter preparation tips. Many of these tips are basic practices for safe driving, so make sure to follow these in summer as well.

Get a Tune-Up

Having an expert inspect your car will provide a wide range of benefits that will make Winter easier on your Honda. Tune-ups increase gas mileage, ensure the integrity of your Honda, and find problems that may have gone unnoticed.

Make sure fluid levels (engine oil included) and belts are at their appropriate level. Cold temperatures affect both areas and can their damage prove dangerous if left to fester.
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Get your Honda inspected by our experts at Ottawa Honda. Our team possesses the qualifications and experience necessary to ensure that your Honda is ready for this winter.

Replace Your Wipers

Freezing rain is seemingly as common as snow during Ottawa’s winter. These two types of harsh precipitation mean that your windshield wipers are your best friends. Failing to treat them well can result in poor wiping ability and hazardous driving conditions.

Change your Honda’s wipers before the snow hits, and immediately if they have not been changed in the last year. Raise your wipers during icy conditions to make sure they don’t freeze to the window and tear.

Swap Your Tires Early

Holding off on swapping your tires until snow hits is a guaranteed way to get put at the back of a long line.

Getting a headstart on changing your tires will prepare your Honda for unexpected early snow and save you time at the shop. In terms of when you should get them changed: as soon as possible. Late October or early November should give you enough time to make the swap without any issues.

Make a Winter-Safety Kit

You never know when disaster could strike. It’s best to have a mini safety kit prepared in case you get stuck on the side of the road. The dangerous thing about winter is that regardless of where you are, the time of day, or the temperature outside, there is an inherent risk to braving Winter’s conditions unprepared.

These are the items you should always have in your car:
– A flashlight
– Non-perishable items
– Rope
– Booster cables
– A shovel
– A lighter
– Water
8 Roadside Emergency Kit Essentials

Check Your Fluids

Car fluids, such as engine oil, can thicken during winter. Others, like brake fluid, can be tampered with by the snow and sleet constantly hitting your Honda. Make sure all hose lines are properly connected before winter and clear of debris.

Also, make sure you have a hardy supply of antifreeze. This fluid protects your car’s engine from a variety of elements. One such element is water, which can get into tight spaces and freeze.

Buy a Battery Warmer

Dying car batteries are a common symptom of harsh Winters. Make sure your Honda’s battery is properly connected and functioning well – losing power in a blizzard is the last thing you want to happen.

Buying a battery warmer is an inexpensive way to prevent any battery malfunctions. They keep your Honda’s battery toasty so you won’t need to stress every morning about your battery dying.

Barrhaven Honda – Your Trusted Source for Winter-Ready Cars

Is your Honda ready for winter? Our experts at Ottawa Honda have more than enough experience to help you prepare your Honda vehicle for Ottawa’s most challenging season. Preparing your Honda for Winter will ensure its reliability and potentially save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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