Which 2019 Honda Civic is for you?

This isn’t about which colour is your favourite or which trim level you want. You might even be surprised by the fact that Honda Civics come in more forms that just the well-known sedan model. So which works for you? There are three body styles for the 2019 Honda Civic and each feature many different benefits depending on what you’re looking for in a car. Let’s break it down to give you a better idea of what’s being offered.

2019 Honda Civic Body Styles

When comparing the different body styles we’ll look specifically at the LX trim model for each.


The sedan body style is one of the most well-known Honda Civic models. It’s a classic car set up with four doors and seating for five. If you need to fit car seats in the back, then this model will give you the least amount of hassle. Even though most consider this the family model of the Civic, it’s not lacking in looks or tech. Some of the standard highlighted features are: a 6 speed manual transmission, Eco Assist and a Display Audio System with HondaLink.

With the LX trim starting from just $22,575, this is a solid sedan that will haul you and your family wherever you need to go without sacrificing looks.


The coupe body style is basically a smaller version of the sedan, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel claustrophobic! It has two doors but still seats five; however, it might be a little more challenging to fit a car seat in this model.  This car is for those who don’t require much extra seating or space. Since it’s lighter than both the sedan and hatchback models you’ll cruise along with better fuel economy. It’s also much easier to fit into those tight parking spaces! For a sporty car to haul yourself and maybe a friend or two around you can’t beat the Honda Civic Coupe, the LX trim starts from $26,475.


The hatchback body style is like the cool older brother version of the sedan. It’s got more space that the coupe, but an even more sleek and sharp looking design. There are plenty of add ons to bump up the sporty feel, like: a dual centre exhaust and rear roofline spoiler. The manual transmission comes standard on all trims with the option of adding steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. There’s plenty of room to comfortably seat five and the hatch makes it easy to load and unload larger items. The LX trim starts from just $26,275, so it’s a fairly inexpensive little hatchback with a whole lot of pep and attitude.

Which is for you?

When you’re deciding which Honda Civic is right for you, you’ll need to take the body style into account. Every body style is loaded with the Honda features people love; including, HondaSensing Technologies, a multi-angle rear-view camera with guidelines, HondaLink and more. To dig even deeper into the comparison between these 2019 Honda Civic models and their competition click here.

If you’re looking for a sharp looking family car then the sedan is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for a fun, sportier feel then either the coupe or hatchback could work for you. You won’t truly know which 2019 Honda Civic works for you until you take them out for a spin, so book a test drive today at your local Honda dealership.