Deep Clean Your Car: Top 10 Hacks

Cleaning your car on a regular basis, or having someone clean it, is imperative. Not only does it preserve the exterior, but it also keeps the interior free from germ and bacteria buildup. Furthermore, if you clean your car regularly, it keeps it looking new for years to come. It also reduces the need for costly repairs, and even lowers the risk of accidents caused by a dirty windshield, side mirrors, or headlights. The Car Wash and Auto Detailing is an industry that raked in $473m in revenue according to IBIS World. While it’s less work for you to pay a professional to clean your car, you can choose to do it at home! Here are 10 cost-effective hacks that will allow you to deep clean your car so it looks brand new.

hacks to deep clean your car

1. Rubbing alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol on the wiper blades, using a cloth or cotton ball. This prevents smears from appearing on the windshield.


2. Coffee filters

Use a coffee filter to wipe the interior of your car as coffee filters are made from lint-free paper, which is great for dusting.


3. Baking soda toothpaste

Clean the grime off the headlights by cleaning it with baking soda toothpaste. Take some toothpaste on a damp rag and use it to rub the toothpaste on the headlights. The abrasiveness of the baking soda will help remove the grime on headlights. Rinse the headlights with water once you are done, and repeat the process if necessary.


4. Foam craft brush

Use a foam craft brush to dust the narrow A/C vents of the car. These are difficult to reach, and often have a lot of dust stored in them. If the A/C vents aren’t cleaned on a regular basis, you’ll inhale the dust particles. You may even find yourself getting sick more often as a result.


5. Toothbrush

Cleaning the seams of a car seat is by no means an easy task. In fact, you need something that will thoroughly clean that crevice. Te answer to this problem is simple: You can use a toothbrush to clean the grime and dirt out of the seams of your car seat.


6. Put a cloth over a screwdriver

The other narrow crevices are as hard to clean as the seams of the car seat. You can take a flathead screwdriver or skewers, and put a cloth over its tip to clean the narrow openings without causing any damages.


7. Vaseline

Clean your dashboard with a wet rag to wipe away the dust. Then rub Vaseline on the dashboard to condition. Wipe off excess Vaseline with a clean rag or cloth.


8. Baby Wipes

Clean your car windows and windshield with baby wipes. The alcohol in the wipes will remove all the dust, smudges, and streaks from the glass.


9. Can of compressed air

Blow out the dust that is inside the A/C vents with a can of compressed air. The debris and dust that falls out will be much more easily vacuumed from the floor, as it is harder to vacuum the dust from inside the vents.


10. A sock, a travel mug, and glass cleaner

Cleaning the cup holders to remove all traces of grime and dust is a tough task. It can be accomplished with a simple hack. All you need is an old sock, a travel mug and glass cleaner. Put the sock on the bottom of the travel mug and spray the cleaning liquid on it before putting the sock covered bottom of the travel mug inside the cup holder and twisting it to clean.


Implement these quick hacks in your car cleaning routine to remove all traces of dust and debris, so your car sparkles!


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