10 Accessories for Your Honda CR-V

One way to enhance your Honda CR-V is to purchase genuine OEM Honda accessories for it. These custom accessories are designed to perfectly fit the make of your vehicle. Check out some of the most popular accessories for your CR-V below.

Interior Illumination

Travel in style with interior illumination that will match the exterior colour of your Honda. This line of illuminators is available for the door sill, console, and even the armrests.


Speaking of the armrests, when you need some extra cargo space and want to add a little more comfort and class to your Honda CR-V, you can add an armrest centre accessory. With multiple storage compartments and a comfy padded lid, it’s the perfect addition to any Honda model.

Splash Guards

No matter where your Honda takes you, you can protect your vehicle from flying rocks and debris that can chip the paint and cause damage to the underbelly. Each splash guard is custom fit to your Honda model, so it sits at the right height and blends in with the design.

Cargo Organizer and Liner

Make your daily trips and errands easier with the Honda line of cargo accessories. These cargo organizers can help to keep your cargo safe and sound. Choose between a liner, net, and tray for your new CR-V vehicle.

Wireless Cell Phone Charger

Upgrade your Honda’s connectivity with a wireless cell phone charger. Available in certain makes and models, such as the 2021 Honda CR-V.

All-season Mats

Keep your Honda nice and clean from all the salt and muck with All-season floor mats in 4D.

Seat Cover and Back Protector

You know how dirty your seats can get, especially if you have kids and pets. The Honda seat covers will protect your back seats from any spills, pet hair, and muddy clothes.

Trailer Hitch

Adventure awaits with the Honda line of accessories designed for your active lifestyle. From boating to camping, your CR-V is designed to pull a range of heavy equipment. All you need is a trailer hitch accessory that you can purchase from us online.

Kayak Racks

The kayak rack is the perfect summer addition for your CR-V. It can help to easily transport your watercraft to the lake or beach. The rack design also ensures easy loading and comes with a tie down kit for stability.

Looking to take your Honda to the next level? Enhance your overall driving experience with essential accessories from our Barrhaven Honda store —designed for your comfort!